Feel the rush of massive and epic combat in Ninja Nations

The year is 1072. The 8 kingdoms are entirely occupied by the evil Shogun Kanika. But your army of heroes is fighting to restore peace and balance to the land.

Ninja Nations is an intense combat strategy game where you will build your nation, train armies of stealthy ninjas and battle with players across the world!

Ninja Nations features a new twist on mobile combat strategy by allowing players to use stealth troops to take out enemy defences before the alarm is raised and all hell breaks loose in a huge army vs army combat!

Ninja Nations - Screenshot 1 Ninja Nations - Screenshot 2 Ninja Nations - Screenshot 3 Ninja Nations - Screenshot 4 Ninja Nations - Screenshot 5

  • Intense Troop vs Troop combat
  • Two part strategic combat (stealth followed by mayhem!)
  • 40 challenging single-player levels
  • 2 multi-player game modes
  • The Bushido Club: a unique game mode where you can bet on the outcome of your multi-player matches!
  • Weekly and All-Time leaderboards to track your worldwide dominance
  • A wide variety of buildings, upgrades and defences to build your nation with
  • And best of all: Free to play! Items can be bought via in-app purchases but the game can also be played completely free!