Over 2.5 million downloads! #1 downloaded sports game in over 40 countries!

Chop Chop Tennis is a unique action tennis game. Chop Chop Tennis is certainly the most frantic, intuitive and enjoyable tennis game ever created for your iDevice! Play as one of the 8 original characters and enhance your experience with the Ultimate Pack available in the Chop Chop Shop: 10 new characters, 5 new tennis courts!

Chop Chop Tennis Chop Chop Tennis Chop Chop Tennis Chop Chop Tennis

  • Innovative gameplay
  • Easy to play
  • Online Multiplayer using GameCenter
  • Colorful & cartoonish graphics
  • Lots of characters/stadiums
  • Play exhibition or tournament games, in single or doubles!

Hands down the best tennis game on the App Store


The gameplay is beautifully simple

The Appera

We had a pretty good time with the game

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