Why are all of your games under the name Chop Chop?

Since Chop Chop means “Hurry Up!”, we’ve decided to use this name as our games are action-packed and have a fast learning curve! Our games also all follow the same artwork and are recognizable by their cartoonish look!

Does that mean your games are for kids?

Kids of all ages (7-77 years old) love our games. They’re easy to pick-up, so everyone is entitled to the “highest score in the family”; even grandpa.

Why are you only making games for Apple’s devices?

No we’re not! The App Store was just the launch pad! Our games are already available on IntelÆs AppUp and will soon be available for Android devices! Choppies will rule the Virtual world soon!

I love free stuff . . .

We know, so do we. But a man has got to eat. And only making free games doesn’t allow us to. We try to offer free versions of our games from time to time, but designing quality games will require our fans to help us a little . . . if you know what we mean.

One of your games crashes when I try playing it, what can I do?

Come visit us at our studios with your device! Kidding. Email us at support@gamerizon.com. We’ll try to find a solution to the problem.